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Learning my husband had cancer was devastating news.  So many thoughts went through my mind such as what happens now? And how was our life going to change?  When we came to grips about the news we decided to be strong and determined to fight!  Taking 1 day at a time and continue to live a normal life the best we can.

My vacation has been spent in doctors’ offices and hospitals which makes it difficult to hear of others’ great adventures.  But we are a team and we can do this!

Robert had a tumor growing under his arm pit and was in the middle of all the nerves and eating away at the bones.  The pain was getting to be more than he could bear.  When he decided he wanted his arm amputated, my heart sunk.  I was scared to death not only for him but for myself.

They not only had to amputate the arm, but the shoulder and shoulder blade, and it was then we found out it was basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.  No one believes you when you tell them he lost his arm to skin cancer, how can that be?  I felt so sorry for him, and I felt sorry for me.  How was I going to be able to take care of him and still go to work?  I was afraid he would never want to leave the house.

It has been 2 years since the amputation, and we both have learned how strong we are.  We have a lot of new ways for doing things.  I try a lot of things using my left hand only so I realize the difficulty he has and to think of ways of making things easier to do.  He does the laundry, puts the dishes away and makes the bed every day which is more than a lot of men I know with 2 good arms.  I get a little stressed out sometimes because there is so much more I have to do, there is my list, his list and our list of things that need to be done when I get home from work but it all works out.

I am very proud of my husband and I love him very much!

You can also read Robert’s story, who is Marlene’s husband.

Update: Marlene’s husband lost his battle with cancer. Our hearts and thoughts are with their family.