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Waller, Texas


Our family doctor noticed a scabbed mole on my back and told me to see a dermatologist to have it checked. I ignored his advice for some time. When I had it checked, the doctor asked me to wait until he closed the office and he would remove it. The doctor phoned me a few days later to tell it was melanoma and that he had made an appointment for me at a specialist clinic. I was very worried waiting for the visit. On my visit I met with a surgeon in the Melanoma Center, and she explained that the melanoma was very large and deep. She removed the melanoma site and a few lymph nodes. One of the sentinel nodes showed cancer cells so all of the nodes under my right arm were removed.

The scans for the next year and a half were clear and we were hopeful that we were clear. Then the tumors showed up and, several months later, we removed them and the top half of my left lung. Again the scans were clear for a year and then tumors showed up in my right lung. We tried some therapies. No change except the lung tumor growth was slowed. 

We were cruising along not doing anything and staying about the same except for a grapefruit sized tumor in my belly. We removed the tumor and were glad to find out that it was not attached to any organs. 

The scans at the start of the year were a real bummer, the tumors in the lung had grown and spread to the brain, belly and rump tissue. The lumbar puncture showed cancer cells in the spinal fluid, which scared the medical oncologist.

We wanted to take a medicine but the big problem was my copay and I could not afford it. We, with help from my clinic and several organizations, finally found a fund that would help us. After starting treatment, we were informed that the tumors are now shrunken down to less than half of their original size. The doctor, my wife and I all did a happy dance and now can only hope that it continues to work and I hope that I can someday report that I am tumor free.

Bless you all, Jerry