Thank you for your interest in learning more about advanced skin cancer. This website will no longer be available as of April 15, 2018. After this date, you will be automatically re-directed to for information related to this disease. Thank you to all who have been involved in this program.

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Sunscreen hadn’t been discovered/invented when I was a teen and sunshine was a major part of my upbringing. Cancer was something that always affected someone else and I had no clue that I was a good candidate for basal cell carcinoma. When I got it for a third time decades later, I knew it was serious and that my life would be changed forever. Through the extremely wonderful hospital staff and doctors, I made it through and am able to write this story today. Gong on two years now, I am cancer free and alive to tell you this story and share my experiences. Life is short enough and I hope others can benefit from my story. Stay well.