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"I was just in denial. Skin cancer – really?"
"Sunscreen? Never heard of it."
"My husband’s always stood there and … been supportive in that."
Nancy D.
"And I said to myself, ‘Operation, live like this, or die. My choice.’ And that's how I got over it. So it's not the outside that counts; it's the inside."
"What do you say? What do you do? How do you act? I've learned to, you know, you take cues from the one who has it."
"Learning my husband had cancer was devastating news. So many thoughts went through my mind such as what happens now? And how was our life going to change?"
"At first it's like total devastation, hardly able to function, especially waiting for the first scan … because I already had a tumor, knowing if it had spread anywhere else."
"Every time I'd have an appointment, you know, it was always – Okay. This is what I'm doing now. What's plan B? What's plan C?"
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